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SKU: 982658 Our Sweet Basil Kitchen

Our Sweet Basil Kitchen
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  • SKU: 982658 Our Sweet Basil Kitchen

    Cade Cheney,Carrian Cheney

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Welcome to Our Sweet Basil Kitchen!

Cade and Carrian Cheney are the husband,and,wife team behind the popular Oh, Sweet Basil food blog. Carrian grew up in the Pacific Northwest and prefers garden,fresh produce, natural ingredients, and healthy eating. Cade, raised in South Carolina, loves all things Southernparticularly if it involves a grill.

Together, they have collected more than 100 recipes that combine their love of fresh ingredients with unexpected flavor combinations and mashups of tried,and,true family favorites. Their innovative dishes will elevate and reinvigorate your everyday recipes and impress your friends and family.

The Cheneys believe thatCooking isn't just about the food, it's about the hands that created it. For us, that means sharing a little Southern comfort and a little farm,to,table. But wherever you are and whatever flavors you are sharing, remember that good food and good people make for a good life.

All the recipes are exclusive to this cookbook.