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SKU: 621632 On Sacred Ground

On Sacred Ground
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  • SKU: 621632 On Sacred Ground

    Truman G. Madsen

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On Sacred Ground is classic Truman Madsen , enlightening, illuminating, teaching, and testifying of Joseph's lasting legacy and influence. Years ago when Brother Madsen's lecture series was first made available, it lead thousands to a deeper spiritual understanding of the prophet and his place in the restoration. Not unlike his lectures, but far from a scholarly expose on DVD, this beautifully photographed series touches on the heart and soul of the prophet, with insights that elude the casual observer. Approachable but intensely interesting for both casual observers and serious students, On Sacred Ground DVDs will become classics in your home. As you walk with Truman Madsen you will find your way to the side and even the heart of Joseph. You will know that you are standing with him on sacred ground. 4 DVDs, 8 Episodes, shot on location at historical sites.