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SKU: 687256 No Weapon Shall Prosper

No Weapon Shall Prosper
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  • SKU: 687256 No Weapon Shall Prosper

    Robert L. Millet

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From the time Joseph Smith walked out of the grove of trees having experienced a vision and having spoken with God and Jesus Christ, his words have opened the door to persecution. As disciples of Christ, we ought to be serious students of the gospel who are able to provide a defense of our faith. In this book, LDS scholars discuss criticisms of the Church on a variety of issues, including the question of whether Mormons are Christian, the various accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision, and LDS beliefs about becoming like God, continuing revelation, and plural marriage. The book also includes chapters about DNA research and the Book of Mormon, along with the role of evidence and the need for honesty in religious discussion. This volume does not address every point of opposition, but it does provide thoughtful and reliable answers to several hard questions.