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SKU: 1072013 Nephis Handbook for a Happy Life

Nephis Handbook for a Happy Life
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  • SKU: 1072013 Nephis Handbook for a Happy Life

    Alicia Banta

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The Book of Mormon prophet Nephi is a hero for Latter-day Saints. He had tremendous faith and never seemed to complain. How did he stay strong with all of the hardships he experienced? How did he maintain a good attitude through all of his trials? The answer is his attitude--his perspective on life. On Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, images with quotes are the current craze. People are looking for something to lift their souls--something to bring them encouragement, peace, and hope. With its brief text, inspirational quotes from Church leaders and scholars, and beautiful photographs, this book fills that void for Latter-day Saints. Each excerpt teaches readers how to be more like Nephi and how to maintain hope as they pass through everyday challenges as well as soul-stretching trials. Nephi's Handbook for a Happy Life makes a great gift book, but buyers will also want to purchase a copy for themselves to glean from over and over again.