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SKU: 808521 Desperate Measures MEDIA:CD

Desperate Measures MEDIA:CD
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  • SKU: 808521 Desperate Measures MEDIA:CD

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When you're the frazzled mother of eight rambunctious children, there's little in life that throws you for a loop. So thinks Mormon mom extraordinaire Annie Fisher . . . that is, until she finds herself embroiled in the baffling disappearance of family friend Angus Puddicombe. Following the delivery of a puzzling message and a few startling discoveries, all signs point to,,confusion. What Annie knows for sure is that Angus is in over his head, and there is no time to lose. Unaware of the danger that awaits, Annie, her trusty husband, Newton, and a van,load of kids forge ahead to unravel the mystery. Can this group of amateur sleuths get to the bottom of what's going on before something goes horribly wrong?