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SKU: 1068894 Lady's Maid MEDIA:CD

Lady's Maid MEDIA:CD
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  • SKU: 1068894 Lady's Maid MEDIA:CD

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Molly O'Malley, lady's maid to the progressive Lady
Amanda Halloway, is determined to continue the
life's work of her lost love, killed in the Peterloo
Massacre. But when her efforts and a trip to Lady
Halloway's charitable orphanage culminate in her
own abduction, Molly's eyes are opened to the
horrifying crimes transpiring in the city's slums.
Despite the risks, she broadens her mission and is
drawn ever closer to the peril all around them.
Thomas Flaherty, a footman in the Halloway
household, has been with Molly from the beginning,
but he fears she will never trust him with her heart.
Even though her cause and happiness are of foremost
importance to him, his loyal patience is tested by
the fears that keep her at a distance. But with their
safety on the line, Thomas is resolved to sacrifice
everything for the woman he loves.
Risking their lives and their love, Molly and Thomas
and a team of nobles on their side will stop at
nothing to empower the powerless, no matter the
personal cost.