Miraculous Power of Charity

Miraculous Power of Charity

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Douglas Dobberfuhl
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What has the power to heal the wounds of abuse and neglect? What can soften hearts, open minds and restore hope? What force motivates God to create, sacrifice and communicate with fallen mortals? All of these questions have the same answer charity. Charity is described by the prophet Mormon as ''the pure love of Christ.'' Indeed, charity is how heaven and its host loves us and each other. This power is unimaginable. And although we barely understand the principle, we can see the benefits and consequences of this love. A few of the effects include: Creating secure attachment with our children Healing broken hearts Filling up the empty spaces left by neglect and abuse Restoring self,esteem, self,confidence and conquering self,doubt and self,hatred Building a solid base from which to build an eternal relationship with our spouse Changing the biology of our mortal bodies, promoting and optimizing health Undoing years of pain, suffering, fear and depression Within the pages of this book, we will reflect on the newest research about the brain and the body in regards to charity. We will review the glorious effects charity can have in ourselves, our marriages and our families. We will hear stories of those whose lives have been saved due to experiencing this celestial love. Perhaps most important of all, we will come to see how we can gain access to charity, feel it and then share it with others.

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