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SKU: 840484 Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus
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  • SKU: 840484 Miracles of Jesus

    Eric D. Huntsman

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The Bible tells of more than fifty miracles Jesus Christ performed during His earthly ministry. Is it possible that one of them can help you with something you're struggling with today? In this unique study of the miracles of Jesus, author Eric D. Huntsman blends doctrinal insights and historical context with a strong focus on personal application. The author examines the meaning and greater symbolism of each miracle as he points to ways those events can parallel some of the challenges we face in todays world. Included is a look at unseen illnesses and the power of Christ to help those who struggle with chronic illness and depression. Contemporary issues such as overcoming addictions are examined in a section on how we deal with our own fresh-and-blood devils. The section on raising the dead explores the role of faith in helping us accept the death of loved ones. The author concludes, The greatest miracles of all are those that arise from the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gracious intervention in our lives. This beautiful volume includes nearly 100 full-color images.