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SKU: 672566 Majesty of God's Law

Majesty of God's Law
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  • SKU: 672566 Majesty of God's Law

    W. Cleon Skousen

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This inspiring study of God's Law knits together the amazing history and development of the only system of law ever revealed by God himself. Dr. Skousen shows how nations large and small prospered according to their obedience to these inspired principles. He presents God's Law in 650 pages of delightful and fast,paced reading,,,truly a timeless treasure.

When Moses gave God's Law to the ancient Israelites, he said it could make them the most prosperous people in the world. The Founding Fathers recognized that promise, and labored to embody those same principles in the U. S. Constitution. Two centuries of amazing development prove the wisdom of emulating God's Law.

Dr. Skousen highlights various Biblical prophets who pointed to a day when God's Law would be restored in its fullest. Before that time, there would be a period of cleansing and reform, requiring a generation of God,fearing people trained and motivated for that day. Dr. Skousen has prepared this study in hopes that it might help Americans everywhere understand God's Law, and realize their role in preparing for the divine destiny now unfolding for this great nation.