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SKU: 355995 LDS Film Classics Johnny Lingo

LDS Film Classics Johnny Lingo
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  • SKU: 355995 LDS Film Classics Johnny Lingo

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Aside from the scriptures, few stories in the Church are better known or better loved than the legend of Johnny Lingo. Now, for the first time on convenient DVD, you can see how Johnny's expertise as a trader and his insight into the human heart transform the shy and awkward Mahana into a beautiful person worth much more than the eight cows he bargained with.

Also included in this classic collection are The Mailbox, Uncle Ben, and Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds. LDS Film Classics are stories of strength, courage, and faith. They teach compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Whether you grew up watching these films or are discovering them for the first time, you and your family will love these touching stories and their timeless messages.