What is iSeagull?

iSeagull is our digital content delivery service. Through iSeagull you can download the digital versions of hundreds of LDS audio books, and talks, all at discount prices. Your downloads can be viewed on your digital device through the free Intelivideo app*. We also offer quality family-friendly movie streaming and downloads for all major media players like Roku, Apple devices, Android devices, PC, and more!
*Our digital downloads are not stored on your device as an MP3. They can only be viewed through the Intelivideo app.

How does it work?

All iSeagull products are available right here on All purchases happen through our regular checkout, and you can add iSeagull music, movies, and audio books to your basket along with regular product and purchase them together. Once you finish checkout, you’ll get an additional email receipt from Intelivideo, our iSeagull content server, that will include the information you need to immediately access your digital purchases through the free Intelivideo app.

How do I access my content on my phone or tablet?

You can download the Intelivideo app for the following platforms:          

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

What if I need help?

For billing inquiries and general questions on iSeagull function and use, please contact the internet staff. For technical problems please contact the iSeagull support team. All digital sales are final.