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SKU: 335485 Isaiah Made Easier

Isaiah Made Easier
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  • SKU: 335485 Isaiah Made Easier

    David J. Ridges

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Noted gospel scholar, David J. Ridges, brings Isaiah's teachings alive in Isaiah Made Easier. Isaiah's symbolism and literary imagery is explained in simple terms, turning this precious but often difficult-to-understand book of scripture into a treasury of truth.
  • Hundreds of crisp, clear explanations make Isaiah more understandable than ever.
  • Every chapter of Isaiah, in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, is analyzed verse by verse.
  • Notes within each verse give you instant understanding of Isaiah's words.
This unique format allows you to quickly comprehend Isaiah's teachings and cultural environment, making obscure phrases and names easily understood. The in-the-verse notes can then be written in the margins of your own scriptures for future reference. Let Isaiah's words impact your life.