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SKU: 440264 Inheritance : Passage of Promise

Inheritance : Passage of Promise
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  • SKU: 440264 Inheritance : Passage of Promise

    Tom Roulstone

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Once the property of kings, Saladin's ring is priceless. But it also has been known to be deadly. Ken Sanderson is convinced that the ruby treasure rightfully belongs to his mother,even though she wants nothing to do with it. Ken's plan is to retrieve the ring from England, sell it, and use the proceeds to benefit the financially ailing Church. However, stories in the press have enticed several others to contend for the inheritance of the now,famous centuries,old ring,including a young woman whom Ken will find very hard to call his enemy.

Soon it seems impossible that Ken could ever acquire the treasure and not lose Karen Gage, the woman he has come to love,especially if the wealthy and dangerous Stephen Langton has anything to do with it.

Join a vivid gallery of characters in an appealing adventure where you'll discover the true nature of life's most valuable treasures.