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SKU: 387774 In Quiet Desperation

In Quiet Desperation
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  • SKU: 387774 In Quiet Desperation

    Fred Marilyn Matis, Ty Mansfield

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Most likely, someone you know is living a life of quiet desperation, struggling with feelings of same,gender attraction. In an effort to help Latter,day Saints understand and reach out to those who suffer from this difficulty, Fred and Marilyn Matis discuss how they've dealt with the knowledge of their son Stuart's challenge with same,gender attraction, and how parents and others can reach out with love. In addition, Ty Mansfield discusses his own challenge and how he continues to go forward with faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. "The Lord promised that he will change our hearts, but he didn't say when," writes Mansfield. "He never promised it would happen in mortality. He only said it would happen. "