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SKU: 1027358 I Love You Grandpa

I Love You Grandpa
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  • SKU: 1027358 I Love You Grandpa

    Susan Akass

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Children's author Susan Akass perfectly sums up how much we all appreciate our grandmothers and grandfathers, with each page giving an example of the ways that they are truly special from giving hugs and telling lots of stories to babysitting and taking their grandchildren on days out. ‘You tell brilliant bedtime stories when I come to stay', ‘You give me a cuddle when I'm feeling sad', ‘We go to the park and feed the ducks together'. At the back of the book, there is also a lined page that children can fill in to add their own personal reasons why they love their grandma or grandpa. With delightful illustrations by contemporary artist Hannah George, this heartwarming book is a beautiful gift that will be treasured by any grandparent.