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SKU: 399821 How Awesome Will It Be?

How Awesome Will It Be?
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  • SKU: 399821 How Awesome Will It Be?

    Roger A. McKenzie

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What are the signs of the last days? How can I prepare for the Second Coming? What will happen when the Savior returns? Am I ready?

Author Roger A. McKenzie answers these and many other questions about the Second Coming in this engaging book for Latter-day Saint youth. Drawing on the scriptures, insights from modern prophets and apostles, and his unique way of connecting with teenagers, the author helps young people understand the events of the times in which we are living. In addition, he shows that the faithful need not fear the last days.

"As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have great reason to hope for the future," he writes. "Jesus loves us, and he wants nothing more than for us to look to the Second Coming with hope and excitement, not fear and doubt. "