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SKU: 1030983 Home Evenings for Newlyweds

Home Evenings for Newlyweds
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  • SKU: 1030983 Home Evenings for Newlyweds

    Jolyn Brown

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With this easy,to,use book, newlyweds can establish a tradition of family night, starting with just the two of them. Centered around the life, character, and works of Jesus Christ, each of these 52 lessons contains a gospel message and an activity, as well as technology and internet resources and links. Lesson topics include the Atonement, covenants, gratitude, and prayer, as well as setting goals, developing talents, doing family history, planning meals, and many, many more. Activities vary from stargazing, service projects, and playing basketball, to taking photos, holding a scripture chase, and writing time,capsule letters to each other. In addition, six of the lessons are specially designed to help couples focus their holiday celebrations on Christ. As newlyweds come to know each other and the Savior better, they can develop confidence in regularly holding family home evening. They will also find strength and lasting hope in the power of Jesus Christ and His role in their marriage.