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SKU: 193351 The Holy Temple

The Holy Temple
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  • SKU: 193351 The Holy Temple

    Boyd K. Packer

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This is a comprehensive book about the LDS temple. It examines in appropriate detail the doctrines and practices which surround that holy building, and particularly their implications for the individual Church member.

Part one offers the Lord's invitation: "Come to the temple. " It sets forth the requirements for attendance,,basically, preparation through worthiness,,and the attitude and behavior appropriate for those attending that holy place on the first and all subsequent occasions. Part two deals in brief fashion with the ancient temples, then turns to the central human figure in the work of the temple,,Elijah the Prophet, who anciently held the keys relative to the sealing power of the priesthood. Malachi's prophecy and the human tradition about Elijah's return in the latter days are impressively set forth.

Fine illustrations enhance a motivational text filled with valuable concepts for the Latter,day Saint. The endowment with its sacred covenants and its elevating symbolic instruction, the sealing ordinance, and the other temple ceremonies are discussed sensitively and authoritatively. Written direct to the reader, this is an outstanding book on a subject crucial to every child of God.