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SKU: 1084672_P Holy As You Are

Holy As You Are
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  • SKU: 1084672_P Holy As You Are

    Christie Gardiner

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When referenced in the scriptures, the word holy means to "set apart for a sacred purpose. " It is a description all women who seek to follow Christ want to embody but the struggle between the ideal of a holy life and reality can seem far apart. In Holy as You Are, best-selling author Christie Gardiner seeks to close the gap, reminding women of the holy attributes they already possess and how they can accomplish extraordinary ordinary things that will forever change the landscape and heart-scape of their worlds.

With a wealth of spiritual guidance and upbeat wisdom that doesn't shy away from difficult topics, this inspired volume challenges readers to look at their tragedies and triumphs and everything in between as sacred opportunities to choose holiness. What if ordinary is extraordinary? What if you are Holy as You Are?

Author Bio 
Christie Gardiner is an author, speaker, media personality, and performer. She is the author of multiple works, including the best-selling book You Are the Mother Your Children Need and the award-winning book Holy As You Are. Christie is host of the new hit video/podcast Go and Be: A Latter-day Lifestyle Show, featured on the Deseret Bookshelf app. Christie enjoys speaking to congregations, where she loves reminding them that with the Savior, they are not alone. Known as an expert in the field of personal development, her training has helped women worldwide find their voices, write their own books, and make a difference in their own unique ways. Christie’s performing career spans three decades in theatre, television, film, commercial, and voiceover work, and she is an award-winning vocalist. The charitable arm of her endeavors, Getting Proximate, encourages people to get close to the vulnerable people in their communities. Christie’s most treasured roles are as wife to Doug Gardiner and mother to Hailey, Elisabeth, and Christian.