He Appeareth! Reign of Glory, Volume 1

He Appeareth! Reign of Glory, Volume 1

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The whore shudders as the kings turn on her. She has lost her adulterous allure as Babylon destabilizes. The beast rises up in blatant betrayal against those who supported it. It's the end game. There is no worldly alliance that will survive the fall of the beast.

As the two witnesses die in Jerusalem, Christ prepares his host for a final harvest. 144,000 high priests are sealed from every tribe of Israel, their bodies renewed, their souls saved ready for their mission to hunt men from every rock. The elect assemble as angels blow their trumpets. The cleansing is about to begin. The Devil rushes with evil fervor to widen the gulf of hell that gapes open to accept all those who are about to die. A war made of all the armies of the world, engulf what seems to be God's last stand. But the Father of all has other plans. The armies have come to the plains of Armageddon not knowing they were gathered in one place for complete destruction.

Carea submits to cruel treatment and testing as the chip is once again implanted in her brain, but she's not afraid. She is empowered by the Lord on her mission to cut off the head of the serpent! MD's destruction is at hand!

At Adam,ondi,ahman, all the patriarchs of the ages assemble as Christ walks among his people. The elect are gathered from the four winds of heaven and earth by the power of thought. They will give an accounting of their stewardships. Christ is taking back the world as he amasses his own army of brilliant angels. The trumpets of resurrection as well as destruction are about to ring forth.

It is the end of days and all is in commotion!

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