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SKU: 610797_P Great and Terrible Vol 3 the Second Sun

Great and Terrible Vol 3 the Second Sun
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  • SKU: 610797_P Great and Terrible Vol 3 the Second Sun

    Chris Stewart

  • $12.99 $11.69


The old king struggled, lifting his hand again. The prince smiled at the motion and placed his mouth to the old man's ear, feeling the heat of his skin on his lips. As he spoke his voice changed, as if another man were there. �It has started, my father,� he whispered in a soft, evil hiss. �There is no turning back. You might as well lift your hand to stop the sunrise as to bring an end to this plan. Like your own death, it is inevitable. A new day is dawning, a day of secret alliances and powerful men, an age of dark miracles, dreadful rumors and a red, sinking moon, a day of a bright flash on the horizon that does not come from the sun. It will be an age of power and oppression far greater than has ever fallen on the earth. Even as I whisper to you, Father, even as my breath touches your ears, the great battle has started. The sun is setting on the frail world you have known. It is passing, and with its passing, the greater kingdom shall come. � A world poised at the brink of a disastrous war is unaware of the evil forces that will stop at nothing to achieve their arms. But in the midst of turmoil an impending doom, some of the Father's most valiant servants are in place - sons and daughters who may have the power to change the course of history. The third volume in The Great and Terrible series, The Second Sun, is a fast,paced, thrilling, action,packed story of war and intrigue by nationally bestselling author Chris Stewart.