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SKU: 658935 Foggy with a Chance of Murder

Foggy with a Chance of Murder
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  • SKU: 658935 Foggy with a Chance of Murder

    G.G. Vandagriff

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What should have been a peaceful walk on the beach turns tragic when best,selling suspense author Chloe Greene fails to save a ten,year,old boy from drowning along the California coast. For Chloe, the boy's death is simply more evidence that God does not exist , that anyone or anything can be taken by random chance, just as her own father was taken five years earlier.

Rob Stevens, the boy's grieving father and a recent widower, isn't sure he believes in God anymore, either, but when he becomes the target in a chain of violent attacks that are anything but random, he is forced to examine what he believes and what he has to live for.

As the pair search for answers, Chloe is introduced to a new religion that offers her the first hope and peace she has felt in years. That peace is threatened, however, when Chloe's old boyfriend, Luke, reenters her life and stirs up old memories and old desires.

Chloe rinds herself at a crossroads of the heart as well as of the soul, but her chance for a new beginning could be destroyed when a dense fog provides the perfect cover for an unknown assailant and one final attack.