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SKU: 1096255_P Dreams as a Revelation

Dreams as a Revelation
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  • SKU: 1096255_P Dreams as a Revelation

    Mary Jane Woodger,Kenneth L. Alford,Craig K. Manscill

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Throughout recorded history, the Lord has used dreams as a means to communicate with His children. In Dreams as Revelation, BYU Church history professors Mary Jane Woodger, Ken Alford, and Craig Manscill share guidance and counsel from prophets as well as their own insights to help readers recognize when a dream is revelatory in nature. With a foreword by Robert L. Millet, this book also includes chapters about scriptural dreams and Joseph Smith's dreams, as well as original accounts of hundreds of carefully selected dreams, including dreams of the Savior, temple work, and more. In addition to being personally applicable for how to understand your own dreams, this interesting and informative book is a valuable resource for talks, lessons, and family home evenings.