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SKU: 646178 Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage

Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage
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  • SKU: 646178 Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage

    H. Wallace Goddard, PhD

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Review Being around Wally Goddard makes us want to be better people,,better spouses to each other,,a better son and a better daughter of God. Wally simply knows how to put eternal principles in a layman's, working language,,translating them into daily living. Our lives have truly been effected for good reading this amazing and powerful book. Every marriage, new or old, needs to have this book. Really. ,,Scot and Maurine Proctor For me, this is hands down the very best material on marriage I have ever read. Goddard clearly identifies the core challenges of marriage, and boldy offers the true cures, wonderfully focused on Christ. ,,Anonymous Reader Product Description Wally Goddard has created one of the best books ever written on marriage. The sub,title says 'Powerful principles with Eternal Results. ' That says it all. You will love putting these principles into motion in your own marriage or see them work in the marriages and relationships of those closest to you. This book came from one of the most popular series ever written on Meridian Magazine on the first principles of marriage. Dr. Goddard writes: 'In striking the marriage bargain, we are unknowingly giving up the egocentrisms of childhood in favor of the charity of Godhood. We make a covenantal step toward unselfishness. As we progress in marriage we gain ennobles character as well as eternal companionship. '