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SKU: 770781_P Deep Cover

Deep Cover
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  • SKU: 770781_P Deep Cover

    Traci Hunter Abramson

  • $16.99 $16.35


Twenty,eight,year,old Kelsey Weber is one of the CIAs finest undercover agents. After two years under deep cover in Salman Nassars desert compound, shes unearthed vital information on the volatile Middle Eastern extremist sect. When her allegiance is called into question, Nassar teaches her a lesson she wont forgetwith a bullet to the leg. Kelsey is whisked out of the field to recuperate in the safety of her missionary parents empty Virginia home. But civilian life proves to be more complicated than Kelsey anticipated when she meets FBI agent Noah Cabbott, the handsome neighbor tasked by her parents with safeguarding the family home in their absence. As their relationship deepens, shes torn by her inability to divulge whoand whatshe really is. In a twist of fate, their separate investigations converge in a horrifying plot that threatens the nations security, and Kelseys identity is revealed. She and Noah have been assigned as members of a secret task force, united with one common goal: to thwart Nassars impending terrorist attack. As the situation grows increasingly dire, she is horrified to learn that there is a traitor in their midst: An agency mole has been leaking information to the enemy. Kelseys world is thrown into chaos with the shocking realization that nothing is as it seems, and each step toward the truth draws her deeper into a web of conspiracy more intricate and deadly than she dreamed . . .