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The CTR ring has been a symbol used within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for over fifty years now, and it’s significance still holds true today. Used as a reminder to always Choose the Right and make the best decisions you can, wearing a CTR ring is a wonderful way to live a Christ centered life for people of all ages.

Our diverse collection of CTR rings makes it easy for you to find the perfect CTR ring for yourself or for a loved one. With CTR rings geared toward Primary aged boys and girls as well as teenagers and adults, there’s a ring style to fit anyone. Our collection offers CTR rings in a variety of colors, styles, and even different languages, from Spanish to French to American Sign Language. We’ve made it a priority to simplify the process of finding the perfect CTR rings for your specific needs.

Looking for the perfect item to go with your new CTR rings? We have a variety of jewelry and other accessories that hold meaning and significance. Check out our collection today!