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SKU: 1008432 Council of Fifty

Council of Fifty
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  • SKU: 1008432 Council of Fifty

    Matthew J. Grow,R. Eric Smith

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Three months before his death, Joseph Smith established the Council of Fifty, a confidential group that he believed would protect the Latter,day Saints in their political rights and one day serve as the government of the kingdom of God. The Council of Fifty operated under the leadership of Joseph Smith and then Brigham Young, playing a key role in Joseph Smiths presidential campaign and in preparing for the Mormon exodus to the West. The councils minutes had never been available until they were published by the Joseph Smith Papers in September 2016, meaning that the council has been the subject of intense speculation for 160 years. This book of about fifteen short essays will give a broad audience of Latter,day Saints an initial view of how the councils minutes enhance our understanding of Mormon history. Some fifteen leading Mormon scholars narrate and analyze the contributions of the records of the council to key questions, such as Joseph Smiths views of earthly and heavenly governments the presidential campaign Mormon relationships with American Indians explorations of possible settlements sites, such as Texas and California thelost teachings of Church leaders of that era and the leadership styles of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.