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SKU: 1013900 Canadian Mormons

Canadian Mormons
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  • SKU: 1013900 Canadian Mormons

    Roy A. Prete,Carma T. Prete

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This book gives a panoramic view of the rise and progress of the LDS Church in Canada. It has all the elements of a great saga, including that of early faithful missionaries preaching in eastern Canada without "purse or scrip" in the 1830s and 1840 and the exodus of early Canadian converts who joined with the main body of the Church and trekked across the Great Plains to Utah. It tells of Mormon pioneers from Utah arriving in southern Alberta after 1887, having made a second grand trek to escape their persecutors and details the settlement of Mormons in Alberta. It is the story of an ongoing missionary effort into the twenty-first century with a vast number of missionaries and the sustained effort of thousands of members laboring relentlessly to build up a Church that now consists of nearly 200,000.