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SKU: 567794 Calming Storms

Calming Storms
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  • SKU: 567794 Calming Storms

    Jack Marshall

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In spite of all the good in the world, each of us encounters times in our lives when we have to deal with hurt, injustice, and anguish,when it feels like life just isn't fair. Brother Jack Marshall, a popular speaker and gospel teacher, helps us get through these trials by turning to the life of Christ for His example of how to endure. "No one has suffered more injustice than has the Savior" says Brother Marshall. "But even in these trials He taught us how to overcome these kinds of adversities. " Using numerous stories, inspiring quotes, and poignant examples from those who have been injured by the actions of others, Brother Marshall teaches that true healing comes with forgiveness. He also shows that ministering to others can be a key to helping us as we deal with injustice and anguish. Finally, he reminds us that "through the atoning sacrifice of the Son, all things will be made good to those who love the Lord. " The soothing message of this talk will draw you closer to the Savior and will help you endure the storms of life.