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SKU: 447645 Because He First Loved Us

Because He First Loved Us
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  • SKU: 447645 Because He First Loved Us

    Henry B. Eyring

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In this companion volume to the bestseller To Draw Closer to God, Elder Eyring elaborates on ways in which we can more fully come to the love of God and share that love with others. More specifically, we learn how to deepen our relationship with Christ and with our Heavenly Father pray more effectively obtain power by making and keeping our covenants grow as parents who can lead families to Christ improve as teachers of the doctrines of the gospel and extend ourselves in missionary work and charity. In his gentle and persuasive way, Elder Eyring reminds us of the depth of God's love and defines gospel truths that will speak peace to our hearts, inspiring us to love those around us as God does,Because He First Loved Us.