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SKU: 991742 Assisted John Stockton

Assisted John Stockton
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  • SKU: 991742 Assisted John Stockton

    John Stockton

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A fast, gritty, durable player who could read a basketball floor as well as anyone who ever played the game, John Stockton left the NBA after 19 seasons with the Utah Jazz, holding a massive assist record, including the career mark (15,806). He also twice led the league in steals , with a career total of 3,265 , and retired as the NBA's all,time leader. And during Stockton's career, the Jazz never missed the playoffs. Coach Frank Layden said, "Nobody thought that he was going to be this good. Nobody. But the thing was, nobody measured his heart. " John's autobiography, Assisted, pulls back the curtain on his very personal life to show fans a thoughtful recounting of the people, places, and events that have connected with John along his path of extraordinary success. This book clearly illustrates the importance of his family, his faith, and his unparalleled competitive spirit.