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SKU: 969505 Ask of God

Ask of God
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  • SKU: 969505 Ask of God

    John Bytheway

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In this high,tech era, we are overflowing with information,and sadly, some misinformation. More information means more questions! In this engaging presentation based on James 1:5,6, John Bytheway evaluates three types of questions: ''Gotcha,'' ''Google,'' and ''Golden. '' Golden questions are the most important in life, involving gospel truths and our place in the Plan of Salvation. ''The problem,'' Brother Bytheway states, ''is when we expect Google,speed answers to Golden Questions. '' Using scriptural stories, quotations from Church leaders, and a good dose of humor, Brother Bytheway encourages listeners to ''Ask in Faith. '' As they do, they'll learn to find their own answers to difficult questions and the first step in this vital process is to ''Ask of God. ''