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  • SKU: 447249 Anytime Anywhere

    John H. Groberg

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Shortly before general conference in April 1976, President Spencer W. Kimball called John H. Groberg to serve as a full,time General Authority. Stunned, the only question the newly called Elder Groberg could think to ask was, "Does this mean we will have to leave Idaho Falls?" President Kimball hugged him and said tenderly, "I know exactly how you feel. It is good to love your hometown and your roots, but yes, this will mean moving anytime, anywhere in the whole world, for the rest of your life. " Filled with Elder Groberg's trademark inspirational stories, this book takes us from Mongolia to Argentina. Fascinating insights into the lives of Saints across the globe, all from a firsthand perspective, testify of the reality of miracles in our day. Few of us will be called upon to serve as General Authorities, but anyone who has made gospel covenants has made the same promise to do the Lord's will, whatever it may be. Learn how God's children throughout the world are blessed as they,and we,keep the covenants we have made to serve anytime, anywhere!