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SKU: 1053630 An Early Resurrection

An Early Resurrection
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  • SKU: 1053630 An Early Resurrection

    Adam S. Miller

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Along with Nephi, "we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, " but in all our talking and learning, have we learned how to live in Christ? What does a life in Christ look like or feel like? In this thought-provoking exploration of the writings of the Apostle Paul and Book of Mormon prophets, Adam Miller examines what life in Christ looks like. How can we let ourselves and our own desires die so we can be born again to a new life, a full life in Christ, here and now in this mortal life? Embark with the author on this journey at once scriptural, philosophical, and literary and discover one way to share a life with Christ as if he were present today.