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SKU: 707008 American Covenant Vol 1

American Covenant Vol 1
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  • SKU: 707008 American Covenant Vol 1

    Timothy Ballard

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Have you ever wondered why similar spiritual feelings permeate your soul whether you are reading the prayerful words of the Hebrew military commander Joshua . . . or General Washington? Or why your eyes get equally misty, and your heart similarly joyous, whether you are singing Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing . . . or the The Star Spangled Banner? Yes, you know it is a “choice land” given by God, but have you ever considered that perhaps there is a deeper connection — even deeper than you ever imagined — between Heaven and America? 

This book promises to open your eyes to this deeper connection. You will learn how and why ancient prophets — from Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Daniel, Jeremiah and Isaiah — foresaw the United States and knew of its divine ordination. Besides the advent of the Messiah, there were few things that almost all ancient prophets saw. America was one of them! More astonishing, perhaps, is the idea that the fathers of this nation — from the Pilgrims to the revolutionaries, to the patriots of the Civil War — knew they had been seen by the ancients! 

 Why else did the early settlers insist they were the “New Israel?” Why was George Washington’s scripture of choice an Old Testament prophecy about the gospel destiny of America? Why did John Adams seek a “Restoration,” and why did Jefferson directly prophecy that it would occur shortly after his death and that it would land upon the foundation of the Constitution? Why (and how) did Abraham Lincoln, like a prophet of old, fulfill ancient and modern prophecy? And how did God prepare him for the work he accomplished. You will learn why history has repeated itself in the founding of latter-day Israel, and why did the Founding Fathers feel such a profound connection (in life and death) to “temple” worship? 

 These are but samples of the many puzzle pieces that, when properly assembled, reveal the true nature and purpose of America. Other evidences include symbolic images on our dollar bill, miracles in war, a prophet’s warning, a president’s prayer, scriptures with cryptic meaning hiding in plain sight — pieces, clues, words and symbols that actually fit perfectly together. Upon finishing this book, you will ask, “How did I not see all this before?” 

The key to assembling the pieces, to solving the puzzle, and to understanding the miracles, is found in an ancient promise from the God who created this nation. It is found in The American Covenant.