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SKU: 892841 Alive Again

Alive Again
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  • SKU: 892841 Alive Again

    Scott Mitchell

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A Remarkable Transformation

Scott Mitchell was a ticking time bomb. At age 46, the former record,setting NFL quarterback was bloated and worn,out, topping the scale at 366 pounds. As Scott saw his father die from obesity,related issues, he knew he was watching his own future.
Then a "divine accident" happened. Scott became a contestant on the reality TV show The Biggest Loser: Glory Days and soon came to the stark realization he was emotionally dead inside. He felt like a dying caterpillar, ready to go into a cocoon.
As the weeks went by on the show, Scott evaluated every aspect of his life. He saw how his athletic success was mirrored by a challenging home life growing up, where all he had really wanted was a hug.
Scott developed a simple game plan to change his life. For the first time, he began to love himself. He got to work and surrounded himself with a good team to keep him accountable. He finally was in control of his own destiny. The caterpillar had emerged from his cocoon as a majestic butterfly!
As you follow Scott's odyssey of triumph, tragedy, and redemption, you too will see the power of moving beyond life's obstacles and becoming Alive Again.