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SKU: 753425 Act in Doctrine

Act in Doctrine
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  • SKU: 753425 Act in Doctrine

    David A. Bednar

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What do we do with the truths we know?

Knowledge is important, but it is only part of the equation in our spiritual development. Our happiness in mortality and our progress throughout eternity depend on our learning to "act in doctrine," to live as we know we should live.

In Act in Doctrine, Elder David A. Bednar shares key insights to help close the gap between what we know and how we act. "The essential first step in reducing the disparity between gospel knowledge and righteous behavior is learning about and emulating the character of Christ," he writes.

As we turn from self to to the Savior, we become better able to understand and respond to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Obedience becomes "the sweet fruit of honoring covenant responsibilities, not merely a chore or an option to be performed based upon circumstances or convenience." This is a stirring invitation to all of us to learn, ponder, and Act in Doctrine.