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SKU: 965774 A New Creation

A New Creation
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  • SKU: 965774 A New Creation

    Paul Cardall

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A New Creation accompanies the listener on a spiritual journey from the creation of the world to the ultimate salvation of mankind. A rich orchestral texture paints images of grandeur and tenderness from waves crashing on the sea shore, to the sparkle of gleaming stars, evoking genuine sentiments both of God's greatness and His love that he nurtures for all His creations. Featuring Cardall's new hymn "One by One " co,written with David A. Bednar, "Where There's Love " featuring tenor Nathan Pacheco, "Son of God " featuring Patrice Artkins, a powerful choral version of "Redeemer " and many more original scores.

Track Listing
A New Creation
The Fall
Into The Wilderness
Wonders In Heaven
Son of God (featuring Patrice Tipoki)
Behold, The Lamb
A Broken Heart
Gethsemane (featuring Nathan Pacheco)
One by One (words by Elder David A. Bednar featuring Nathan Pacheco)
My Redeemer Lives
Eden Za Drugim
Where There's Love