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SKU: 1072198 A Mothers Prayer

A Mothers Prayer
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  • SKU: 1072198 A Mothers Prayer

    Linda K. Burton

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Sometimes it's hard for kids to understand the power of prayer. Through this sweet children's story from Sister Linda K. Burton's family history, you can help your children feel the Spirit and know of God's love for them. From a young boy in Denmark they'll learn that our Heavenly Father is aware of everyone and is eager to help if we can ask humbly.

In 1874, ten-year-old Joseph lived in Denmark with his mother and four siblings. His father had been ill for months, and while his mother worked hard, she was unable to pay the rent. Joseph's mother pled with the Lord for help. Joseph knew their situation was desperate and he wanted to believe help would come. But how? How would they stay warm? Where would they go? Or would their prayer somehow, miraculously, be answered?