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SKU: 1285109 We Are Adam

We Are Adam
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  • SKU: 1285109 We Are Adam

    Ramona Siddoway

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Many people, both in and outside of the church, have misconceptions about Adam and Eve in the Garden, as well as miss the rich symbolism of Eve as the Mother of all living and a woman's representation in the Tree of Life symbolism. Because of cultural overlays onto this allegory, societies have twisted and lost the lessons--and template--for consecration in marriage and the eternal divinity within womanhood, as well as the measure priesthood plays in the entire narrative. Through extensive research of the Church's doctrine, prophetic and apostolic quotes, Hebrew scholars, and Hebraic definitions of biblical passages and words, this manuscript gathers into one place extensive research that uncovers and reveals an amazing and profound plan encapsulated within the Garden of Eden that most readers have barely scratched the surface of.