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SKU: 1223095 Turning Little Hearts

Turning Little Hearts
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  • SKU: 1223095 Turning Little Hearts

    Jonah and Charlotte Barnes

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This book is full of interactive family history activities for kids. Children who know their family stories are more confident, resilient, successful, and happy. But getting a child to sit down and listen to a long history story can be nearly impossible. With this book, parents and grandparents can share their stories in fun and meaningful ways. Activities include treasure hunts, playing games, dressing up, fort building, picture colorizing, language learning, jewelry making, puzzle solving, flower planting, birthday celebrating, map making, poem writing, and much more. The fun activities and storytelling templates prove how easy and eternally beneficial it is to turn little hearts to their ancestors. This is a quick and easy, no-guilt approach to family history. With over 90 activities, you will have years of fun sharing your amazing family stories.