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SKU: 1221619 Stay in Your Faith, Marriage, and Body

Stay in Your Faith, Marriage, and Body
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  • SKU: 1221619 Stay in Your Faith, Marriage, and Body

    Ganel-Lyn Condie

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Ganel-Lyn knows anything is possible with God. She never dreamed of motivational speaking when she graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in elementary education and psychology, yet she has spoken to thousands of people, old and young, all over the world and finds no greater joy than touching the one in the crowd who needs to feel God’s love through her message. She has also become an award-winning journalist and was editor of Wasatch Woman magazine. She has interviewed well-known public figures, including Cokie Roberts and Richard Paul Evans, and has a talent for sharing other people’s stories. She loves being a wife and mother and will always be grateful for her family. They and her faith helped her heal from a chronic illness and years of chemotherapy treatments. They’ve truly been instruments in the Lord’s hands in many ways. Because of her experiences, Ganel-Lyn has a passion for creating balance, organization, and spirituality in life and at home. She has discovered the joy of sharing experiences with others through her newspaper column, consulting, public speaking, her books, and her website,

Why do people choose to leave their faiths, their marriages, and, in some drastic cases, their bodies? In this new talk from beloved speaker and author Ganel-Lyn Condie, she explores this question and provides words of hope and encouragement. She says, “If the dark in your life is getting too dark, then, like a sunflower, turn toward the light. Remember, this is a war. Don’t let Satan frame the conversation about faith and families and bodies, because he doesn’t have any of those things.” She encourages us to have some faith friends to talk to when things get hard. She says, “It’s not the ‘I cured cancer and built a school in Africa’ people who I look to. It’s the everyday warriors who are fighting to stay.” Ganel-Lyn will have you laughing and maybe crying as she uses the scriptures and modern-day examples to inspire you to discover your own WHY—why you’re going to stay in your faith, stay in your marriage, and stay in your body. “Because simply stated,”Ganel-Lyn says,  “we need you.”