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SKU: 1240986 Oregon Trail V5 The Wagon Train Trek

Oregon Trail V5 The Wagon Train Trek
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  • SKU: 1240986 Oregon Trail V5 The Wagon Train Trek

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Keep your wagon train alive in this trailblazing choose-your-own-trail experience on the Oregon Trail! With more than twenty possible endings, there are wild animals, rapid rivers, bandits, treacherous weather, famine, and even death that stand between you and your dream life out West. Do you have what it takes to make it all the way to Oregon City? 

In this exciting choose-your-own-trail stand-alone story featuring 8-bit art, it's 1850 and you are leading a whole covered wagon train with your family on a 2,000-mile trek on the Oregon Trail. Wild animals, natural disasters, unpredictable weather, famine, fast-flowing rivers, strangers, and sickness stand in between you and your destination: Oregon City! Do you have the smarts and skills to keep everyone safe and together on the Trail? 

Which path will get you safely across the country? 

With twenty-three possible endings, choose wrong and you'll never live out your dreams. Choose right and blaze a trail that gets you closer to Oregon City!