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SKU: 1223071 Oh How Lovely Was the Morning

Oh How Lovely Was the Morning
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  • SKU: 1223071 Oh How Lovely Was the Morning

    George Manwaring, Kevin Klein, Dan Burr

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With its majestic lyrics and soaring melody, the Latter-day hymn "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" has long inspired listeners to feel the peace and serenity young Joseph Smith must have experienced when he knelt in the Sacred Grove 200 years ago. Now, in commemoration of the bicentennial of this remarkable event, the timeless lyrics of this beloved hymn are highlighted alongside stunning new artwork by Dan Burr. In addition, this book features a historical account of Joseph Smith's life as well as links to a new First Vision song and other online resources that are designed to foster discussion and enhance understanding of the First Vision. This keepsake volume invites readers to witness the power of Joseph's experience that spring morning so long ago.