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SKU: 1232370 Nauvoo The City Beautiful

Nauvoo The City Beautiful
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  • SKU: 1232370 Nauvoo The City Beautiful

    Susa Easton Black, Glenn Rawson, Dennis Lyman

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There are sacred places and sacred spaces.  Nauvoo is both.  In the living history of the holy temple and on the ground hallowed by the sacrifices of our ancestors, Nauvoo is a special place meant to be remembered.  To go there now is to step in time and see the world as the Saints of the 1840s did - to be reminded of the great price those early pioneers paid for their faith.  All those who visit have the opportunity to be taught and strengthened in their commitment to Christ's restored gospel.  With that goal, History of the Saints presents this souvenir volume, Nauvoo: The City Beautiful, that all may take the spirit of Nauvoo home with them.