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SKU: 1098365 Mind Bending Mazes

Mind Bending Mazes
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  • SKU: 1098365 Mind Bending Mazes

    Gareth Moore

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Test your brain and ingenuity with this collection of 80 challenging labyrinths in Mind-Bending Mazes. Puzzle specialist Dr Gareth Moore has created inventive mazes to make even the most ardent of puzzlers direct all their mental resources and patience to find the solution. As you work through, the mazes become more and more demanding, so expect a tough series of mental tests. There are dozens of visually different mazes, including curving lines, pentagonal or circular-shaped mazes, but most follow the basic rules of simply following an elaborate path from the entrance to the exit. A few, such as the Warp, Multi-Level and Bridge mazes, have extra how-to-solve instructions, adding another level of fun and further testing your problem-solving skills. Do you have what it takes to become a maze master?