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SKU: 1233490 Fathers of the Prophets

Fathers of the Prophets
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  • SKU: 1233490 Fathers of the Prophets

    Susan Arrington Madsen,Emily Madsen Jones,Rebecca Madsen Thornton

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Joseph Smith Senior, father of the Prophet Joseph Smith, is a well-loved figure. Known for his humble demeanor and unfailing loyalty to his son, Joseph Senior quietly and faithfully moved through the background of the Restoration as a man devout to God.

But what of the fathers of other latter-day prophets? Perhaps their stories are lesser known, but the fathers of the prophets are diverse and influential. In a world where the role of fatherhood is increasingly maligned, marginalized, and even dismissed, this book highlights the irreplaceable role of fathers in the lives of the chosen servants of the Lord and in the lives of children the world over. Fathers of the Prophets is filled with stories and moments that will both inspire and delight. As you come to know and love the fathers of the latter-day prophets, your testimony will be strengthened and you will witness the hand of the Lord in guiding the restoration of His Church through men called to be fathers.