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SKU: 1102932 Eve In the Heart of Eden

Eve In the Heart of Eden
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  • SKU: 1102932 Eve In the Heart of Eden

    Marla Whitman

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The Garden of Eden story is about both Adam and Eve more than that, it s about you and me, and our search for the tree of life. Adam and Eve led the way and charted the course for us to know good and evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient (Moses 5:11). The revelatory words of prophets and apostles have continued to magnify the cherished role of Eve, not only as the mother of all living and inseparable companion to our first patriarch, Adam, but to all who follow in their guided footsteps toward eternal life. Through Eve s faith and courage, we can readily see that we too have an intricate role to play in the gathering of the Saints in these last days. The women of today are connected with Eve through an eternal bond. As her daughters, we are called to finish Mother Eve s divine purpose in bringing her children to the knowledge of Christ. The choices that we make today are no less important than they were for Adam and Eve in Eden.