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  • SKU: 1301069 Counselor

    Curtis Taylor

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Late one night Travis Call is awakened by a knock at the door. After months of suspense, the police have arrived with the news he dreaded: His wife, an up-and-coming actress, is dead. And they suspect him of her murder. 

 As a young financial counselor, Travis has made millions for his clients, but a recent diagnosis of Lyme Disease has compromised his ability to think, to remember, to makegood decisions. And now he may be in over his head with a new and suddenly rocky investment. T

ravis is also a counselor in his Bishopric at Church. And now that he is suspected in his wife's murder, he will almost certainly be released from this position - or will he? Maybe the Bishop knows more than the police do. It's a certainty that somebody close to him does. 

With almost too many suspects to count, Travis has to find the real killer - before the real killer grows even bolder and silences him. 

By the co-author of a #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Counselor will keep you reading late into the night-night after night.