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SKU: 1224894 Can you Yawn like a Fawn

Can you Yawn like a Fawn
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  • SKU: 1224894 Can you Yawn like a Fawn

    Monica Sweeney, Lauren Yelvington

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This is not just another bedtime book. Help your child to sleep with expert techniques!

When getting your child to sleep can be a nightly challenge, Can You Yawn Like a Fawn? uses clinical sleep strategies for a calming, restful reading experience to tell a story of sleepy animals getting tucked in at night. Follow the recommended bedtime routine from Certified Sleep Consultant Lauren Yelvington, cuddle up with your child, and read the soporific language with a soothing tone to ease your child into slumber. With each dreamy illustration of yawning baby animals, your child will be prompted to yawn along with them. This suggestive, tranquil repetition will have your child sleepy and snug as the story comes to an end. From yawning like a fluffy lamb to getting snuggly like a kangaroo, bedtime reading will be a loving, relaxing way for your little one to settle into dreamland.